The Issues

“…that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”

An informed citizenry that is committed to vote for liberty will operate our Constitutional Republic—we will not be controlled by a king or tyrant!

Your Government

In order to keep government under control, the electorate must be informed, vote, and stay in contact with their representatives—both in Idaho and in Washington D.C. If we don’t honor our responsibilities, we get centralized, top-down government. There is already far too much government overreach in Idaho, and we need to take back our state and local governments before it is too late.

Your Schools

We must take back control of our curriculum and the direction of our schools in the state of Idaho. Idaho’s education budget includes less than 10 percent federal money, yet federal mandates overwhelmingly dictate our curriculum. If we want better schools, we must get back to basics and repeal Common Core.

Your Liberty

Our system of government is founded on individual rights including Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion. Without these rights, we have no say in how we are governed; we get an out-of-control top-down government. Our right to Keep and Bear Arms protected by the Second Amendment is the true foundation of the Constitution. It recognizes our God-given right to protect our families, our freedoms, and ourselves. It is this right which underpins our unique form of government, not a democracy, but a Constitutional Republic.